Protein Purification and Crystallization Workshop 2018 (10th – 12th July 2018)

EMTech has successfully organized a workshop on protein purification & crystallization which was carried out from 10th – 12th July 2018, took place at Biotech 2, FBSB, UPM Serdang. This 3-day event brought together splendid team from Chemopharm & GE, Douglas Instruments, EMTech researchers and demonstrators. The workshop was divided into two main sessions: lectures and hands-on session which focused on fundamental of protein purification and crystallization, sample preparation set up, different purification and crystallization techniques and methods optimization. Experts from Chemopharm/GE shared their knowledge via a series of lectures and lab practices on protein purification strategy. Mr. Stefan Kolek, from Douglas Instruments based in Oxford, UK was invited to share about methods and strategies towards productive protein crystallization. And yet, each of invited EMTech researchers shared their knowledge and most outstanding personal experiences and ideas about these two topics of protein purification and crystallization. The workshop was also attended by two participants from University of Jember, Java Indonesia. From the positive feedback received, we believed, the event objectives had been achieved and it is hoped that it was a fruitful sharing to all participants. We would like to acknowledge and sincerely thank all our sponsors; Chemopharm & GE, Ekoteknik, Douglas Instruments and to MOLEMED, INBIOSIS for their technical supports.